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LightEdge Series

FXC LightEdge series will easily be able to build a high-speed metroarea backbone that expands over the existing optical infrastructure.

The LightEdge series is compact and therefore requires little rack space, and uses very low power. The data stream can be transmitted bi-directionally over a single fiber. The system design provides a scalable and flexible architecture. In addition, laser safety is built-in with an efficient management protocol that is ideal for the metro area.

FXC Inc. has excellent optical transmission engineering based upon many patents and provides a WDM solution, which is easy to install and to manage for adaptable construction of the metropolitan area transmission infrastructure in the era of broadband.

[ 800 series ] [ 5000 series ] [ 300 series ]


SFP transponder based 8-channel WDM solution

Solutions and Applications

Available for both CWDM and DWDM solutions.
Applicable to both single fiber and dual fiber transmission
Transport of SONET/SDH, GbE, Ethernet, Fiber
  Channel, etc.

LightEdge800(LE800) Migration from CWDM to DWDM
Easy Expansion without interruption of traffic
High Capacity Exspansion up to 32 channels
EDFA (option)


100Mb/s to 4.25Gb/s Multi-rate
Applicable to ring, point to point, regeneration topologies
Equipment and Line protection
Redundant Power Supply
Available for both AC and DC Power Supply
GbE, 100/1000BaseT, STM-1/4/16, OC-3/12/48, FC-1G/2G/4G, Fast Ethernet
Performance Monitoring Supported for GbE and FC
In-line Management Supported
Link budget:21〜27dB(SFP selectable)
1U size -Compact size and light weight-
Low Power Consumption
Easy Installation, operation and maintenance
CE, FCC, VCCI complied

Product and Solution Home

LightEdge5000 SeriesLightEdge5000 Series
LightEdge5000, 8ch high-end CWDM system, offers carrier grade solutions to meet diverse needs of users putting premium on transmission quality. Compact size - 1U/1.5U/2U, multiplexing 1ch up to 8ch, supporting Ring topology.

New Functions
-Out-Band / Inline monitoring
  Optical Supervisory Channel (OSC) is equipped. Independent wavelengths (1430 & 1450nm) are assigned for supervision only. Both data and monitoring signal can be accommodated on the uniform network.
-Path protection
  Redundant configuration at local side is supported. Working path will be changed over to stand-by path immediately in case LM’s LOS, failure and LM inadvertently unmounted are detected.
-Performance monitoring
  Bit error of transmission data can be detected. Performance monitoring supervises B1 Code Violation for SONET/SDH and 10B/8B Code Violation for GbE.
-Pass-through module
  Economical and unique solution for very short-distance transmission. Data signal can be dropped at relay station between terminal stations by using this module.
1. Low running costs & reduced hidden costs
Compact chassis (1U/1.5U/2U) enables reduction of Collocation Cost
In comparison with DWDM, CWDM technology saves heavily on maintenance costs
2. Flexibility
Multi Protocol & Protocol independent
Multi-rate simultaneous (10GbE,GbE,OC-n and Fibre Channel)
Long Reach : APD (Avalanche Photodiode) can support large loss budget
3. Easy installation & easy to handle
Electrical Back Plane & Hot/Swapable module
Optical Patch Code inside the chassis
4. Management
Out-band & In-line managemen
Save the configuration file to external server by FTP
5. Others
Compact size (19 inch rack 1U/1.5U/2U) & Scalable Platform CWDM
Selectable Local Interface
Transmission Distance: over 100km (Estimated value when fiber loss is 0.25dB/km)
Electrical Back Plane enables Plug & Play
Redundant power supply
Max number of multiplexing channel
Max number of multiplexing channel 8ch (LE5010/20chassis)
4ch (LE5000chassis)
4ch (10GbE,LE5010/20chassis)
2ch (10GbE,LE5000chassis)
Max transmission capacity Max transmission capacity 40Gbps(LE5010,5020)
Max bit rate per channel Max bit rate per channel 1.25 / 2.5 / 10.3125 Gbps
Link budget Link budget 20dB(1.25Gbps;LE5811)
Dispersion tolerance Dispersion tolerance 1800ps/nm(1.25Gbps;LE5811)
Wavelength Wavelength 1470〜1610nm(data signal)
1550nm(10GbE data signal)
1430〜1450nm(monitoring signal)
Selectable Local Interface
Selectable Local Interface 1000Base-SX/LX
OC-3 / STM-1
OC-12 / STM-4
OC-48 / STM-16
FibreChnnel 1G / 2G
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LightEdge300 Series LightEdge300 Series

  • GbE transmissior for middle~long reach in metro area
  • Two lineup for different distance - LightEdge301 series: transmission distance up to 80km*
    • LightEdge311 series: transmission distance up to 112km*
    • LightEdge312 series: transmission distance up to 120km*
  • Multiplexing: 1 channel
  • Maximum bit rate: 2.5Gbps
  • Compact 1U size able to be mounted in 19-inch rack
  • Enhanced operation management function
    • Supports SNMP
    • Link control function
    • Loop back setting
    • Optical power monitoring (LE311, LE312 only)
    • Unique active interlock system protects against accidental exposure to laser radiation
  • Power supply is selectable from AC or DC type
    • Redundant power supply
      (LE300 has single power supply in default setup)
    • Hot swappable

*Note: Transmission distance calculations assume an average transmission loss of 0.25 dB/km
LE312/311: average transmission loss of less than 0.25 dB/km, dispersion less than 20ps/nm/km
LE301: average transmission loss of less than 0.25 dB/km, dispersion less than 30ps/nm/km


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